Nelson Mandela International Day


Happy Nelson Mandela International Day!
In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared today Nelson Mandela International Day.
The day honors former South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela. It also recognizes his contributions to the culture of peace and freedom.


My speal about re-entry using a roadmap



Mcdonalds on Island

Just a quick peep into the fast food life on island. I normally post this kind of deliciousness on my Instagram @onlyherefornakedfood but I had to share this with my followers. Beneath is a fried, fatty filled, delicious shrimp sandwich smothered in some kind of shrimp sauce and lettuce. Then topped with a poppy seed bun. Yes I said it. A shrimp sandwich! This Mcdonalds also serves foods from several countries including Germany, Brazil and other Asian countries. But to be honest the texture and the way the shrimp are condensed in the fried goodness is similar to the fish sandwich in America. Underneath this photo I captured a shot of, what I thought was going to be some type of mocha frappe. Turns out they want the customer to make it themselves. I was surprised when she gave me a cup filled with ice cream topped with broken Oreo pieces and a shot of espresso. Let’s get to the devastating part of my trip to the Golden Arches. Due to delayed shipments form America, there are limits on fries! Yes *screams*. The golden angels have a limit, and who knows when the next shipment will come in. All in all the service and food were up to



Update: I’m almost home


In Tokyo. One more flight. 3 more hours.


Just Hold On, Brie Coming Home.


On my way back home to the sweet island of Okinawa. Update you all in 20 hours.


Countdown: Reunited with Okinawa

In a monIMG_20140521_111805647th and 5 days I will finally be able to taste the exotic foods, touch the warm sands and clear water in Okinawa and hear the beautiful language known as Japanese. But most importantly I will be reunited with my family.  It has been 3 and a half months since I last saw my family. You can imagine the joy I feel knowing in a couple of weeks I will be able to embrace my mother and sister.


I know they are missing me from the constant texts and photos I receive from them.Yes, yes I did teach my mother how to use multiple texting apps before I left in August. I am beginning the countdown until I am reunited with my family again for the Christmas holidays.

Let the countdown begin!





Countdown the 5th Day: American Village


My last couple of days on the island of Okinawa. Of course it is spent shopping in American Village.