10 Reasons to Visit Chile

If you have never visited this lengthy country then here are 10 reasons you should. From its desert and beaches to its mountains and small “Antarctica” you can find something to do or someone to meet in Chile.

1. Pisco Sour

The delicious sweet and sour drink is popular among Chileans and tourist alike.


2. Chileanos

There’s nothing better than meeting Chileans who can shape your experience there.


3. Patagonia

An 8th world wonder.

4. Empanadas

My favorites is shrimp empanadas which you can find on the coast of Chile.


5. Chorillanas

Fries with onions, eggs, and meat piled on top makes for a delicious snack/meal anytime.


6. Mountains

In Santiago, the capital, there are many mountains to scale.


7. The Dunes

Located on the coast of Chile these dunes are where memories are made. Grab a makeshift board and paddle down them.


8. The History

Chile is filled to the brim with amazing history. You should consider visiting Pablo Neruda’s three houses or Valparaiso, where there are multiple UNESCO sites.


9. Completos

Feel complete with completos or a hot dog underneath avocado and mayo.


10. Street Art

Located on nearly every corner is street art, more predominantly political street art murals) that tell the stories of thousands of Chileans.