Restaurant Review: Coco Curry

coco outideThe other day I finally caved in and tried the infamous curry powerhouse in Okinawa, Coco Ichibanya known better as Coco Curry. The first time I touched down in Tokyo I was told about the flavorful awesomness and how delicious and budget worthy it was. My military friends brag constantly, some even go as far as to eat at this place once or twice a week. In the beginning I was skeptical of these reviews. My first thoughts were, “Maybe they have never had Indian curry?” You see a couple of weeks prior to departing for Okinawa I had my first taste of Indian curry and shortly after I feel in love. My other thought was they are most likely not use to fine cuisine. I went to the Coco’s closest to the Marine Corps base Foster. Prior to departing my own home I researched more reviews on the best Coco location. It is quite funny actually. While we have a Mickey D on every corner, Okinawa has a Coco Curry on each corner of the tiny island.

cooc sign

When I first entered the restaurant the smell of spicy curry hit my nostrils and at that moment I knew I was going to enjoy the food. The night before I messaged some of my friends who are known regulars and they gave me advice on what to order and the spice level I should consider. 


Chicken cutlet on top of a bed of white, sticky rice with a side of level one spicy curry.

Chicken cutlet on top of a bed of white, sticky rice with a side of level one spicy curry.

 I ordered the chicken cutlet with a spice level of one. And boy when I tell you it was spicy, I mean it was spicy. There is a pitcher of water located on the table which I used quite often. After each bite, I needed to drink a whole cup of water. This is spice level one! How could it be so spicy? And delicious?


g&c naanOnline it stated that the meal would come with two servings of rice. It was more than enough. The rice was topped off with the chicken cutlet that was fried Japanese style. I also ordered a side of garlic and cheese naan. I did not have the chance to try their dessert. Maybe next week? Because yes, I am not a regular.


Menu you can expect at the restaurant (click here for online)

coco menu


   End Results

coco food 2 coco food 3

 This restaurant takes yen and American dollars. 


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