Countdown the 5th Day: American Village


My last couple of days on the island of Okinawa. Of course it is spent shopping in American Village.


Countdown Begins: Okinawan Infamous Taco Rice

I will be departing from the beautiful island of Okinawa in a week and there are still somethings I have yet to try on this island. Including the infamous taco rice; Originally inspired by the Mexican taco dish, the natives of Okinawa have placed a twist on this spicy, quick meal. Instead of using soft or hard taco shells, they replace it with sticky rice, from there they continue to add on the ‘original’ ingredients, such as tomato, lettuce and cheese. You can even take it one step further by adding an egg. You can expect this delicious looking treat to be mild, Okinawans do not have the taste for extremely spicy foods, like those of us in South America or America.


Japanese styled taco rice