Food Review: Bakeries on Okinawa

To all new comers these are places you must go to. You can find them located in American Village at the local mall called Aeon. It is located on the first floor towards the grocery section. The baked goodies are normally around 1.50 or 150-en you can expect to feed yourself for less than 500-en(5$). Bakeries are located all over the small island of Okinawa. You grab a tray and tonsils and place your baked goods on the plastic, brown tray.

Where are they located: Bakeries on Okinawa are located everywhere but to be more specific you can find them in the local malls Aeon or the local farmers market.  The closest one to Kadena AFB and Foster are located in American Village, that is just 10 mins away.

How much can you expect to pay: I have yet to pay over 5-en for any of my baked goodies. The prices range from 50-en to 200-en (.50 to 2). It is a great place to stop and have lunch if you are on a tight schedule or if you have smaller children and are not looking to spend a lot of money  on food. Also, they accept credit/debit cards but it is always better to have yen around as it can be much cheaper.

What do they offer: At the small, local bakeries they offer sweet treats, pizza, hotdog crusted pizza, and different breads with various seasonings on them.

Bakeries on Okinawa

Bakeries on Okinawa: Two broccoli, chicken pizza, a margarita pizza and a baked bread with (fish) seasoning (?)


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August 2014 Venture Magazine

Good morning native Okinawans and fellow Americans,

August Venture magazine is out! And we all know what that means, time to look up activities being offered on the Kadena Air base. FYI the August calender for Kadena ITT and MCCS are also out (to the new comers their calender are filled with adventures). Check out the neat deets below:

Outdoor recreations located on Kadena are once again on top of their game when it comes to offering neat trips to take on the surrounding island, take a look down for some below:

skSea Kayaking & Snorkeling @ Blue Cave (most peeps fave): August 3 for $60

River Trekking: August 6&9 for $40

Special Snorkeling @ a Secret Beach (it isn’t even named): August 10 for 40$

Ocean Day Park:  August 16 & 20 for 35$ (ages 13 and up) 25$ (ages 12 and under)

Tsuken Park Day Trip: August 17 for $98

Snorkeling w/ whale sharks (absolutely amazing btw): 23 August for $99


Blue Cave

Cave exploration: August 24 for 30$

and that is just to name a few for more information follow this link here to the venture magazine. Just stop by the Kadena Outdoor Rec shop to sign up, located behind the Risner Gym

Also if you are looking forward to working out and live on Kadena follow this link to the Risner Gym calender for the month. 

If you are a new comer and the venture magazine offers doesn’t suit your fancy follow this link to the Kadena ITT website for more new comers excursions.

Here are a couple of suggestions when you purchase 5 trips you receive your 6th trip free. Also, the Schilling Center offers free excursions to those who have arrived on the island within 90 days. I will be going to South Okinawa because of the benefits of being new to the island. When you go to sign up for the tours bring your sponsors orders.

Get to it and have fun


Thai in the Sky


Thai in the Sky

Chicken fried rice mashed in with shrimp, sliced red onions, a Thai specialty soup and spicy fries.

Hot Sweet Eats of the Week: HaHaHa Cupcakes Review

Ha Ha Ha cupcakes is a sweet-tooth having person dream come true. The place of business is adorable and has a relaxing atmosphere for wrapping up your busy day.

The cupcakes are absolutely amazing and there are tons to choose from. My

Ha Ha Ha infamous cupcakes.

Ha Ha Ha infamous cupcakes.

favorite would have to be the chocolate cupcake with the oreo-mixed icing on top(found to the left) it was delicious and fresh. However do not expect it to be fluffy like the cupcakes we are used to back in the states. It is a little bit more dense.

If you are looking for a quick, treat in a comfy atmosphere this is the place to go. You can expect to pay 3-en (yen) for one cupcake, they also do parties and have cupcake related items within the store.

Hours: hey are open 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Phone: 090-988-4488

Payment: Yen only, for now.

Directions: Located at the Ginowan intersection on the 58 that splits to the Convention Center, it’s an easy find!

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Places worth visiting: Ocean Observatory in Nago


New Comers: Things to do on Okinawa

To the new comers on Okinawa welcome to this little beautiful island off the coast of mainland Japan. Here is a little fact I learned on the New Comers Excursion hosted by the Airman and Readiness center, Okinawa was originally its own country before becoming apart of mainland Japan. 

There are tons of stuff to do on this tiny island including snorkeling with whale sharks, exploring the castle ruins Zakami, or just relaxing on one of the many beaches on the island. 

Here are some places you can go to have an on-island excursion or to easily adapt to the Okinawan culture:

  1. the Airman and Readiness Center on Kadena Air Base hosts events including the New Comers Island Excursion (which I took the other day), they have it every third Friday of the month, it is a yearly thing. They also have cultural events including learning how to play the sanshin, learning the Japanese language and dressing up in the traditional garbs
  2. The Kadena ITT located in the Schilling building also hosts different island excursions both on and off the islands, for example you can have an off-island excursion by going to mainland Japan or Australia. An example of their on-island excursions include going to Thai in the Sky a famous Asian cuisine restaurant on island known for its delicious food. You can also visit Shuri Castle or the ocean observatory, if you have small children you can visit the Butterfly Park or Nakagusuku Park. For more information on the on-island or off-island excursions through Kadena ITT visit their website here.
  3. The Outdoor Recreation center located on Kadena, it also hosts different on-island excursions including sea kayaking at the Kadena Marina, snorkeling with whale sharks, scuba diving, cave exploration and more.

Last but not least the Kadena Marina offers you the chance to receive your boating or jet skiing licenses for 30$ (each). You can also attain your scuba diving licences for around 240$ at the Kadena Marina and it can be used all over the world.

Any questions? You can ask me I have been on the island for about 2 months now and I consider myself somewhat of a pro with finding good deals on and off base with excursions.


I survived my first Typhoon Neoguri


Aftermath of Typhoon Neoguri on Kadena Airbase

Typhoon Neoguri hit Okinawa Tuesday around 7 p.m, lasting throughout Wednesday and coming to a slow and dreary end Thursday morning. There was a lot of damage towards the Naha area including several people being hurt and a restaurant collapsing under the wrath of Neoguri. On the Kadena Airbase (where I reside) the electricity went out around 3 pm and was revived at 1 am (or at least near the Banyan golf course area it was).


The experience for me in the beginning were quite frightful, I did not know what to expect and I felt as though we were under prepared for what might take place. The longer the typhoon lasted the more irritated and annoyed I became, I expected something more dangerous (not to say that it wasn’t) but on my end it was mostly strong wind and rains.Being stuck in the house all day and night was not what I expected. Another feeling I experienced was content, I have been in storms before (not to this extent), but essentially it was the same. Prayers to those who were hurt.


Thanks to all that prayed for my family and I and wished us well.